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Many may feel that printed shirts are intimidating, too bold, or are simply not appropriate to wear in certain settings. But did you know that you can achieve several stylish looks using printed shirts? Printed shirts have the potential to give a lot of depth and personality to the wearer. Read below to find out how to express yourself better through this vibrant piece of clothing you NEED in your closet!


Beach Look: 



Let’s get the obvious out of the way, printed shirts are often used to create the typical tropical vacation look. But there is a reason why printed shirts go well for the beach. Beautiful prints such as that of Firangi Yarn Cotton Block Lady Madelline and Botanical Printed Shirt can illuminate you in the sunlight and against the waves.Pair this piece with plain white linen shorts, sandals and a polyester/straw hat for a fun day of staying cool and frolicing on the beach!




College Look:

A college going student knows the pressure of dressing to please and this Firangi Yarn 100% Jaipuri Cotton Abstract Printed Cuban Collar Shirt can help you achieve just that! Delicate colours such as lilac are in vogue and pair beautifully with all skin tones. Combine it with a similar coloured bucket hat, black jeans and casual sneakers for a clean, yet a swoon-worthy look people will fawn over you for.




 Hipster Look:


Let your wings flutter as you explore your free-spirited self in independent coffee shops. Although, a coffee may not be able to warm your spirit as much as this Firangi Yarn Indigo 100% Cotton Shirt can. Pair this piece with a simple white t-shirt (having left the shirt unbuttoned), black trousers and a pair of well-loved sneakers to satiate your inner flower-child. You can also wear this look for drinks at the bar or weekend getaways with your close buddies.









Smart Casual Look:


Obviously, one cannot wear a printed shirt to a black tie event, but that does not mean you cannot wear printed shirts in formal settings at all. Pair this Firangi Yarn Cotton Light Turqouise Block Egyptian Cat Printed Shirt with tan coloured blazer and trousers along with fashionable loafers and you have got yourself a smart casual look so well put together that the crowds will envy you. You can similarly pair printed shirts with contrast coloured blazers/jackets and well fitted jeans for a similar effect.





Fashion is ever-changing, but that must not stop you from a life of exploring and experimenting. These styling ideas are just that — ideas. It is on you to manifest these ideas, or ideas of your own, into outfits that truly express the self. It is certainly a blessing that FirangiYarn is there to indulge your every clothing need.



-Firangi Yarn, India


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