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Our Story

Who We Are

Collage for process

‘Firangi Yarn’ , the name itself gives an indo-western vibe. 

Firangi Yarn is a design studio producing fresh and timeless clothing(Mens Fashion and Womens Fashion) lovingly made from natural fabrics that are hand-block printed by master craftsmen in Rajasthan, India. 
Since the art of block printing was overshadowed by screen printing or digital printing, it was gradually vanishing. The artisans were also paid minimal.  Well, someone had to do something about it. So, we collaborated with some of the best craftsmen across Rajasthan, connected with over 100 artisans in the hot dusty plains of India supporting them in keeping their art alive and providing you with the best quality of clothing.

Also, since western clothing has so much influence on every person’s style, it was the perfect opportunity to bring forth a brand which takes care of both, your style and your culture. 

Let us together help our fellow artisans and not let our culture die.